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International Cooperation for Schools

Training courses 2016–2017

The course International Cooperation for Schools covers the basic aspects of project management in international co-operation projects funded by the EU in the field of adult education, with a special emphasis on the Erasmus+ Programme. This course is intended for anyone with a desire to increase his ability in the preparation of international projects and in the building of a strategic and useful cooperation between European schools and other educational institutions. The participants, who can be teachers of primary and secondary schools, but also other professionals, will learn about the key features of international cooperation projects in the field of education, from how to find partners and establish an efficient partnership, through matching creative project ideas with the available funding opportunities, to filling in the application form and managing the project until its conclusion. They will also have the opportunity to meet other possible future partners for their schools, in order to build an efficient partnership. The course will be mainly practical, with some visits to different Czech schools, all engaged in European projects, and with several meetings with relevant representatives of local and international bodies, with a great experience in project management field.

Group of participants from last year course


The programme varies in different sessions, because we want to adjust it to the needs of the participants, but it always includes:

  • lectures given by EuDA lecturers;
  • lectures given by special guests (representatives of the National Agency and other responsible bodies);
  • case study analyses (from the Czech Republic and from abroad)
  • workshops;
  • study visits (successful international projects).

Remember that you don’t have to care about any organisational aspect since  we will provide the best solution for your stay in Prague, including food and accomodation!

Have a look at the programme from the last years’ course
Group of participants from last year course

Course Highlights:

Learn about Erasmus+ in the field of Education, Youth and Sports

Project management in Erasmus + forms the core theme of this course. During the training, you will receive an overview of international cooperation funding opportunities available to your organisation. You will learn how to create a successful project for your school with specific emphasis put on the tasks a partner should complete in each phase of the process.
Topics included:

  • Creating Quality Partnerships
  • Project Evaluation and Monitoring
  • Project Implementation- Common Mistakes

Learn Tips and Tricks of Project Development and Management

  • Lecturers concentrate on best practices, project monitoring and evaluation. In addition, methods are presented for successful transfer of know-how and international learning processes.
  • Visits to two successful international projects are organised, including discussions with their project managers. Previously participants visited the Secondary Technical and Vocational School Zeleny Pruh and the pre-school Zdravotnické Zařízení, which both have a long-term experience with international cooperation. The visits will be made specific to the organisations who join the course.

Develop Concrete Project Ideas and Leave the Training with a Filled Application

The last day of the course is dedicated to setting common project ideas and solving other practical issues. It also includes a workshop on project writing and submitting. Team-work is essential especially in this stage of the course, where participants have the opportunity to what they have learned in the course into practice.

And last but not least…

Explore the beauties of the Czech Republic

Nice teambuilding activities consisting of an orienteering in Prague and a social dinner are organised. One of the afternoons is dedicated to visiting the city of Kutná Hora, a UNESCO site near Prague.

participants at the end of course
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