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Strategic Management of European Schools

The education system is changing constantly and schools should keep updated on recent and most popular trends regarding education. What this course offers is the possibility for schools and other educational institutions to be familiarized with the new different types of learning such as personalized, project-based, blended or socio-emotional, in order to be able to implement them in their own schools.

This course is intended for teachers, educators, representatives of schools or of any other educational institution interested in acquiring or enhancing further skills in strategic management, implementation of modern trends and innovations in the education system, as well as enhancing the participation of their schools in European projects. Strategic management in schools forms the core theme of this course, which its most significant part in international cooperation and development of European schools, therefore throughout the course, the participants will acquire some knowledge in topics related to strategic management, such as financial planning or staff management.

The programme of the course will be adapted to the main needs of the enrolled participants, however, it will be intended to combine both theory and practice. On the one hand, mornings will focus on the theoretical part of the course, in which the experienced lecturers will teach the participants on the key features of building a successful strategy for schools, international cooperation in the field of education, available EU funding opportunities and upgrading methods of studying. On the other hand, afternoons will be intended for the practical aspects, such as visits to some Czech schools engaged in European projects, and which already implemented some of the educational trends studied during the course; as well as there will be organized several meetings with relevant representatives of local and international bodies with great expertise in the strategic management field. Moreover, those who decide to engage in this course will also have the opportunity to meet other suitable future partners for their schools in order to build an effective partnership, as well as enjoying during five days the beautiful capital of the Czech Republic with almost everything paid thanks to the Erasmus+ funds.

Participants of the Innovation in tourism visiting the Prague

Course methodology

  • Lectures focused on best practices and modern tendencies in education imparted by experienced lecturers and educational professionals. In addition, methods are presented for successful transfer of know-how and international learning processes.

  • Visits to three successful schools in Prague that became leaders in efficient strategic management, implementation of innovative methods of studying and in school development by involving EU funding.

  • Meetings with school representatives who already implemented projects. The meetings are organized in order to give participants an opportunity to know in first-hand the strategic management of successful schools.

  • Useful contacts from other participants will be acquired during the training course with the chance to start cooperation right after it.

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Participants of the Innovation in tourism visiting the Prague


The programme varies in different sessions adjusted to the needs of the participants, but it always includes:

  • Lectures, which are given by directors of leading Czech schools, who from their own experience know how to introduce innovative methods of studying and to receive financial support from the EU for development and modernization of a school.

  • Case-study analyses from the Czech Republic and from abroad.

  • Study visits to Czech schools, where the main topics of this course were implemented in the best way.

What you will learn:

Key components of strategic management in schools:

  • How to acquire funding for your school.
  • How to travel abroad to gain professional experience.
  • How to manage mobilities as a headmaster of a school.

Analysis of increasingly popular trends in education, such as:

  • Personalized learning, how to meet the students’ needs.
  • Project-based learning, how to teach by using projects.
  • Blended learning, how to combine online digital media and traditional classroom methods.
  • Social-emotional learning, how to help students to deal with their emotions.
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